Monday, January 25, 2010

Artist Lindsay Olson comments on Indian Prairie Library presentation

A great friend of On the Job, Oak Park-based artist Lindsay Olson has created a series of drawings around the theme "Tools of the Trade: A Citizen's View of Law Enforcement" (click to view samples of Olson's work).

In June, Olson's work, in part inspired by On the Job's content, will be displayed at the Oak Park Public Library. On January 6, Olson and her husband, Craig, attended author Daniel P. Smith's presentation at the Indian Prairie Library in Darien, IL, where she shared her work with the author.

Of Olson's project, Smith said: "Lindsay's project is as ambitious as it is heartfelt and sincere. It urges reflection on the role of police officers and the situations they so often face. Beautiful in color and texture, Lindsay's work is a credit to her artistry and dedication to interpreting the human experience, particularly that of police officers."