Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hungry for some additional reading on the CPD? Check out these titles.

In the course of penning On the Job: Behind the Stars of the Chicago Police Department, author Daniel P. Smith immersed himself in Chicago Police literature and offers the following reads for additional insight on the Chicago Police, its history and its people:

Armed and Dangerous: Memoirs of a Chicago Policewoman by Gina Gallo—a former Chicago officer, Gallo discusses her time on the street and the challenges facing Chicago’s cops, particularly female officers. “Truthful, sincere, and gritty,” says Smith.

Battleground Chicago: The Police and the 1968 Democratic National Convention by Frank Kusch—Smith describes Battleground Chicago as a “stunning, engaging read.” Kusch revisits 1968 Chicago and provides a detailed look at the tumultuous DNC as observed through the eyes of the city’s police officers.

To Serve and Collect: Chicago Politics and Police Corruption from the Lager Beer Riot to the Summerdale Scandal by Richard Lindberg—an absolutely thorough study of CPD graft and, even more, the roots of such corruption.